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"A Free and Powerful New  System to Make Money Does 95% of the Work for YOU!"

We designed a free and powerful new system to make money from home in 2008 and our income has grown every year since...

How Do You Make Money?

   1. We use websites and blogs to promote affiliate videos that do the selling for us.

   2. We develop and promote websites and blogs so they get higher ranking on the Internet and lots of traffic.  SEE PROOF 

   3. High ranking on the search engines get lots of prospects/customers automatically. The affiliate videos make sales automatically. The companies process the new customers automatically  and provide the products & services automatically. The companies send us weekly and monthly payments automatically...  more every year. 

   4. We spend 1 hour a day responding to new customer and prospect emails.  We send new customers our training system so they can make money automatically  like we do.

   5. The sites have built in templates and we don't need to know HTML website language to create them. Anyone can set up one of these websites or blogs, especially when videos show them how step by step.


Make Money from Home

Automatically... Like We Do!

 Join one or both of the affiliate opportunities below and we will email you our marketing training free of charge.  Both are risk free and  BBB Rating A+.  Both offer professional free

  GBG Business            GDI Websites 

Make Money with GBG           Make Money with GDI

replicated affiliate sites imbedded with your username that include videos that can sell for you.  All you need to do is promote them.  Most of the time, the video sells for you.  And our special training will help you get your websites in front of tons of prospects.


Make Money Starting Today

1. Decide which affiliate company you would like to join.

2. Research what keywords/phrases people are searching for on the Internet that are related to the opportunity you chose.  We use the Google Keyword tool.  Make a list of phrases that get around 50,000 searches a month and have low competition.

3. Purchase a domain name that includes the keyword phrase you chose.  Matching it exactly to your keyword is best.

4. Join the affiliate company under our link.  We will automatically receive an email letting us know you are a new customer and will send you our training.

5. Build, rock and roll!

Make Money Being in the Top 10 on Search Engines

We use a formula to create the website and promote it so it gets to the top of the search engines.   When someone searches for the keywords/phrases that our website pages are built around, our sites show up right in front of their face within seconds.  That is target marketing on steroids.  We put banners and links on our websites/blogs that go to our affiliate sites.  People click on our affiliate site links, watch the sales videos and join automatically 24/7.


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Make Money with GBG

Make Money with GDI


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